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Dr. Michael Miller, co-founder of LifeScan, appointed as Senior Medical Advisor.

QuiO is excited to announce the appointment of Michael J. Miller, MD as Senior Medical Advisor. Dr. Miller was a founder and member of the Board of Directors of LifeScan Inc., one of the very first blood glucose self-monitoring companies, until its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson.

“We are extremely pleased to have an experienced clinician, innovator and entrepreneur like Dr. Miller join our medical advisory board,” said Alex Dahmani, QuiO co-founder and CEO. “He is a pioneer in data-driven disease management, helping to establish blood glucose self-monitoring as the backbone of diabetes management.”

Dr. Miller was the Medical Director of the Diabetes Center of what is now the University of Michigan Health Systems, MidMichigan Campus, for approximately 35 years. He is Board Certified in Diabetes and Endocrinology and Internal Medicine. He is a lifetime member of the ADA and AACE, and was one of the first group of diabetes practitioners granted the status of Certified Diabetes Technology Clinician(CDTC). His clinical practice focused on advanced diabetes management.

"Medication adherence is a significant problem, especially with injectable medications,” Dr. Miller said. “During my 35 years in the clinic, I've witnessed poor adherence to injectable therapies leading to increased costs and suboptimal clinical outcomes. The ability to remotely document timing, performance and precision of injectable dosing events at home has the potential to greatly impact costs and outcomes. However, I also know firsthand the challenges patients experience with new technologies that are difficult to setup, sync or use. That's why I was so impressed with the Smartinjector device platform, which does not require any setup or syncing by the patient. I also like that they provide this capability in a standardized injection device that can be used across different injectable therapies. It makes training easier and enables monitoring of patient populations treated with multiple injectable therapy options."

Dr. Miller will advise QuiO’s executive team on demonstrating the clinical benefits possible with the Smartinjector device platform, while ensuring the solution fits seamlessly into the patient’s and caregiver’s existing routine.

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