• The Future of Home Injection Has Arrived












  • World's first real-time adherence monitoring solution for injectable therapies

    The Original

    Compatible with all syringe-based medications

    Enables patients to comfortably inject expensive and viscous biologics at home

    The Pen

    Compatible with all cartridge-based medications

    Enables patients to conveniently inject at home or on-the-go

  • Smart Syringe

    Drug Delivery Sensors

    prevent common self-injection errors and ensures the full dose is properly delivered every time

    Wireless Connectivity

    Wireless Connectivity

    enables the injector to automatically send real-time performance data, with no smartphone or syncing required

    Ambient Technology

    Ambient Technology

    inside the injector makes it simple for any patient to use, with passive data collection and transmission


















  • Web-based Care Portal

    Empowers care teams to monitor large populations, accurately identify at-risk patients and deliver timely support

  • QuiO API


    securely integrates with 3rd party devices including glucometers, weight scales, fitness trackers and more

    QuiO Cloud Platform

    Cloud Platform

    collects, structures and distributes device data in real-time for remotely monitoring patient populations

    QuiO Coach

    Health Coach

    AI-based support leveraging in-home data to continuously nudge the patient in the right direction

  • Let our technology solve your adherence monitoring and disease management needs

  • Contract Research Organizations

    Clinical Research Organizations

    Improve patient recruitment and data quality by accurately monitoring adherence at home

    Drug Manufacturers

    Pharmaceutical Companies

    Transform the drug into a comprehensive solution for managing disease

    Health Plans


    Identify and address avoidable medical costs across multiple chronic disease populations

    Risk-Bearing Providers

    Improve outcomes and quality of care by targeting the right patient at the right time

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